JoJo Scores Deal With Warner Bros. After Long Battle With Former Label

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The singer feels like a chapter has finally closed.

JoJo has recently announced her plans to re-record her debut album and release the revamped tracks to make finally make her previous work available to fans on streaming services. After finalizing a legal battle with her previous record label, Blackground Records, in 2014 and releasing Mad Love in 2016, the "Leave (Get Out)" singer launched her own imprint called Clover Music in 2017. This year, JoJo embarks on a new adventure as a boss lady in association with a major label. 

Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

"I really just want to focus on the future. Moving forward with my own label that I’ve started, Clover Music, which is a joint venture with Warner Bros. Records, I just want to feel powerful. I needed to make a boss move, and that’s really what that was about. I’m not in any rush on my next record, because my fans deserve the best -- and so do I. I’ve already been writing so much, and we’re going to keep chipping away until I have an album where everything feels right. It’s really about newness in 2019."

She also explained how the idea for the album re-issue came to be and how janky the process had been. "I just did what my fans have been doing: I went to YouTube. I did these re-recorded albums with Javad Day and Jordan XL, and I sent them and my musical director the links to the songs on YouTube. It was kind of crazy. I laughed about it, but I was also like, 'This ain’t right!'"

Read her full statement here.

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